Athletic Performance Training

If you’re a youth athlete looking to improve your game or a high-level athlete needing to reach peak performance levels, HCI’s Athletes in Motion (AIM) Performance Training will enhance your experience. Utilizing our DARI Biomechanical Analysis Lab, we develop a Total Assessment Profile to individualize a custom plan to best meet your goals. Let HCI provide a focused, results-based program to keep you on the mark. What’s your target? Are you ready to AIM?

Youth programs are designed and available for school-aged
individuals up through the end of high school.

Adult programs are designed and available for adults
at an age beyond high school.


The key to a successful program is knowing where to start. As the PREMIER Central Texas provider of the DARI Biomechanical Analysis system, Hill Country Indoor is ahead of the game. And we’re prepared to bring athletes with us.

DARI’s 8-camera, marker-less motion capture system allows HCI coaches to view, analyze and assess your movement profile. Combining a DARI Analysis with our Performance Assessments will provide an athlete with a Total Assessment Profile. This profile will be the guide for performance programming- identifying injury risk, tracking progress, and establishing a baseline for return to play status.

The technology we are bringing to Hill Country Indoor is at a caliber that is unmatched in Central Texas. Youth and adult athletes alike will have the unique opportunity with DARI that will truly maximize individual potential in sport or fitness regimens.

Hill Country Indoor Athletic Performance Training Facilities:

Hill Country Indoor has 5,000 sq.ft. of space dedicated to Athletic Performance and Group Training on the main floor of the facility. In a specialized, dynamic environment, coaches will lead a variety of fitness and athletic sessions.

Hill Country Indoor has a space dedicated to Youth Training along with our DARI Biomechanical Analysis Lab below the turf field. The area will be outfitted with a variety of equipment along with a turf space for dynamic speed and agility instruction. 

Contact Matt Herring to discuss team training opportunities.

Performance programs

Athletic Development

Our programs are designed to enhance athleticism and sports performance. Train with guidance from qualified coaches and push yourself among like-minded group members.


HCI offers classes designed specifically for runners, cyclists, swimmers and triathletes.

Sport-Specific Training

Gain a competitive edge in your sport with game-like movement training. Upgrade your training to include skill development sessions.

Athletic Development Academies

Combine sport-specific instruction with high intensity performance training to take your game to the next level.


Let HCI’s staff of former professional and collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches help maintain your peak performance.

Individual Athletic Training

Train one-on-one or in a semi-private setting for a completely customized program specific to your individual goals and abilities.

Team Training

HCI can provide a home for your team looking for an athletic performance training facility.

Athletic Performance Testing and Assessment

Identify your movement profile to better understand performance limitations as well as obtain a performance baseline and track improvement throughout your training experience.

Athletic Recovery and Rehabilitation

Take care of your body through all injuries and setbacks with specialized recovery sessions.

Fitness For Life & FUN

Maintain health and fitness at all stages of life with fun and interactive movement sessions.

Special Events

Hill Country Indoor is excited for the opportunity to host special events related to performance training. Such events may include coaches’ clinics, combine testing, ultimate athlete competitions, educational demonstrations, and special guest appearances.

HCI’s Foundations of Athleticism:

The Foundations of Athleticism are the seven qualities, that when tested and strengthened, give athletes the best chances for success.

Proper function begins with proper mobility. Without proper mobility, incorrect movements and partiality to particular sides or muscles develop into dysfunction over time. No matter your sport or physical goals, mobility will be a necessity.

All things in sport and performance are built on a solid foundation of balanced total body strength. Having a body that has consistent strength from right to left and front to back is a crucial factor for proper function.

Explosiveness is the key to success in sport, and teaching your body how to be efficient in producing power is the only the start. Proper joint sequencing to generate power as well as utilization of the body to decelerate the power created are both paramount.

Having a high threshold of cardiovascular endurance is a trait that is oftentimes overlooked by athletes. A solid base of cardiovascular endurance allows an athlete to create a competitive advantage over others who become tired in the later minutes of competition.

The ability to plant, cut, turn and change directions efficiently and effectively is the basis to all sports. Understanding proper mechanics in conjunction with the physical capabilities required to execute these movements will create an advantage for the athlete.

Investing in yourself with proper nutrition and a recovery program are the intangibles most athletes disregard. Challenging your body with demanding training sessions is only part of what makes up an elite athlete’s training regimen. The remainder comes from proper nutrition choices, timing and progression as well as proper and effective recovery modalities. All athletes train hard, but great athletes recover and eat properly to complement their training sessions.

Mental strength is an aspect of great athletes that consists of coach-ability, problem solving and mental resiliency. The ability to focus on coaching cues and physically put those cues into action is a sign of a mature and mentally strong athlete. The ability to work through problems and to mentally stay engaged when things are not going your way are elite level attributes that are able to be honed and built upon over time.

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Submit your information to be updated on sports programs as they are announced. Registration for Fall Programs will close on Sept. 1 and future programs will be announce shortly thereafter!
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Submit your information to be updated on sports programs as they are announced. Registration for Fall Programs will close on Sept. 1 and future programs will be announce shortly thereafter!
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Submit your information to be updated on sports programs as they are announced. Registration for Fall Programs will begin at the end July!
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